Monday, 17 March 2008

We are all ready

Readers will be relieved to know that JLF's partially broken toe-nails and her weak lifeless hair do not stop her from going to the internet cafe and logging on to read here several times a day.

What a brave, energetic, suffering-in-silence heroine she is. She never says a word about it you know. She just writes it.

Those of a horrid cynical nature will of course try to point out that the times of her being online and looking at streamsofuttergoo (We're not worthy) were the same times that her blog received comments. They may claim this infers that the same person wrote those comments as was reading this blog from the IP we know JFL uses.

Others might speculate as to how someone with partially broken toe-nails and weak lifeless hair would have the energy and motivation to blog as these are normally incapacitating illnesses.

Some may even go as far as to doubt she is telling the truth.

Well shame on you!

Just because you have proof you doubting-Thomas' does not mean you have a case. Look at our heroine, she is building an appeal without substance after being convicted of months and months of stalking people. Let that be your guide as to her integrity.