Thursday, 28 February 2008


Remember, all you need is love!

Whatever happened to spelling?

Here is what the gwargousal lfj researcher really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

Whatever happened to spelling?

That's a bit of the title of one blogger I have not fallen out with. That is only because they have no idea who I am. They soon will.
(Ed. - See lfj is capable of love so boo hiss all the detractors!)

I spent most of the day with R and R, ploughing through the Casework. These are the one firm of solicitors I have not fallen out with.
(Ed. - See lfj is capable of even moot love so double boo hiss all the detractors!)

When I say I spent the day with them, I mean I emailed them 10 things, rang them 20 times (where I was gently put on hold 20 times) went back to the internet café and updated the 10 things I had emailed them earlier and re-sent. Then I went back to the phone and re-rang them 10 times to make sure they got the 30 emails.
You cannot be too thorough as a Caseworker you know. Busy, busy, busy me
(Ed. Even if it is an appeal you are working on and not a research project? Remember lfj my love, casework=bloke in alley with knife in 1880s, appeal=good-looking bloke in suit who you think fancies you but does not love you as goo-ily as I do)

It's all going very well indeed. We are confident. I am not perturbed by that mob of lawyers, doctors, the met, special branch, special trees, special gardeners, the media, men from Oxo-land, women from Loon Loon land, bloggers, poets and a whole other cast of thousands on the internet who are all out to get me.
(Ed. - Pity you are not a one-woman show lfj, you would be forever sold out with all the people you attract)

One of the first things we discussed today was this recent broo ha ha in the Guardian. The back packer kid. We did this because R&R are a firm of human rights lawyers and this monumental important signifigent historical occourance would be something that would be foremost in their minds as it is mine.
(Ed.”Broo – ha ha” Oh another addition to the Engulish language by the butificiousalous one. We really do adore her.)

back-packing… columns…. Guardian… An angry army of failed authors and bloggers… tirades of mocking, sneering and abuse…. expressions of such 'moralistic outrage . Just like wot ‘appened to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
(Ed. How can you be a failed blogger? Oh… ‘nuff said me old China. How is everything athome2?)

So perhaps some man loves his son and gave him an opportunity. When you've got the opportunity to give your child a break, do you offer him a slap in the face instead, no. No you should hold down a paying job, keep a home together and be there for him. Or her.

I don't think this kid sounds like an aspiring writer or journalist in any shape. Unlike Meeeeeeeeeeeee
(Ed. If he don’t sound like a journalist, den why he writing for a newspaper?)

While we're on the subject of unfair Guardian focus , though , someone might be brave enough to point out how that Newspaper absolutely stinks of incestuous cahoots the whole d**n time. And that person to trust into the foray, mount the moral high-ground, grasp firmly the flag of righteousness, gyra…(Ed. snip)
(Ed. Ohhh you is such a laydee, lfj, don’t be soiling your blog with cusses!)(I need to lie down)

such that most of us hardly bother to comment there anymore. I went to the Cambridge Snail instead until they cut me off at the pass. They have their little cahoot of favorite bloggers whose views they endlessly promote, despite the Cr*p these bloggers produce, and there's never a voice among the editorial that opposes this by scouting for talent. They should ask me to blog for them because then I will have a voice in the mainstream media like my arch nemesis, The Goblin. Yes, gentle readers, I am Spiderman!!!!
(Ed. Perhaps you need to lie down after spinning yourself into a bit of a state lfj)

( joke at Rupert Murdoch's expense deleted.)
(Ed. Might have been at your expense had he seen it m’love)

Don't attack a kid. Not even one pissing around the world at the expense of the Guardian after his Daddy got him a job there. Cos after defending his nationally to the cast of millions who read my blog, I hope his Daddy will get me a job there.
(Ed. Ermmmmmmm …..)

...Okay, not such an absolute 'kid', but- young enough not to have a hope of analysing the motives of a foul mouthed mob, or being philosphical about their pointless and desperate comments. Like I am cos I am brilliant.
(Ed. You say philosphical, I say philosophical, let’s fall in love)

Remember, all you need is love!


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

New translation site ready

This site is temporarily off-line as we improve the blogging autopost reactor engine (ver1.2.23x)

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

All you need is translation

Here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

ty :-)
Ed's note: As her sperlling and grammerisms is not the best (please note our own malapropisms in tribute) We think she is trying to say with this remark that she needs a tie. Please contact her via her blog to arrange delivery.

Well, thank you MYSELF, thankyou for putting on your new trainers and sprinting to my own defence on the Cambridge Snail uncannily fast after I finished blogging about it here. did you see how my lovely son was being subjected to sympathy (SYMPATHY, I tell you!) from lawyers, doctors, the met, special branch, special trees, special gardeners, the media, men from Oxo-land, women from Loon Loon land and a whole other cast of thousands on the internet who are all out to get me.
(Ed's note: Never mind, you are loved here, lfj)

By anyone's standards, that idea of mine to pretend to be my son in order to leave comments on an article that no-one had bothered with in weeks was well below the belt as well as the qualifying IQ for mensa.
(Ed's note: lfj, this sounds like a horrible organisation probably full of men and therefore best avoided)

However I don’t wear belts as I have expanded a bit with all the bueatifil, boatful, buertyifilll, ah fuddit, LOVELY (hic) beautiful cider I drink. This all harassing and no working lifestyle piles on the pounds you know. It also makes F. Jane a barmy girl.

However..... it's best not to go there, on the whole. Which is why I spend all day there commenting on comments weeks old.

I am a toe rag like any other and any woman who comes near my babes is welcome to a clobbering and a shoe-ing too. I will get the descendants of Jack the Ripper to carry it out. At least little Wally is still my friend. He sends me top secret messages on the back of Snickers bars. This week he told me I was as sweet as milk chocolate as well as confirming he knew secrets about the King of England (a King-sized bar – geddit!). I am not sure what he intended me to interpret by the frequent references to peanuts. Must research that one.
(Ed's note - Ahem yes of course you must, a girl must have a hobby and research is as harmless as anything)

I think I was hysterical (in fact I fell off the chair in the internet café I laughed so hard –hic) with the one about the rest of the alphabet. Of course I want her to take other letters with her, the letters f-j and L for a start. There are some other letters I am forced to carry around, namely a-s-b and o. But I ignore these whilst I swim in Egyptian rivers fit for the butificious researcher that I am.

For information, however, R and R are handling the civil and uncivil case appeal at present, and there is absolutely no problem. On the contrary, they are being ab fab.
(Ed.'s note, are you sure this is the way you want to represent your lawyers lfj?)

So the editorial team here at All_you_need_is_love (all 3 trillion of us) give that about a week before they all fall out again.

Remember, all you need is love!