Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Guest posts

Following the remark from Pied Puffin that he/she would like to do a guest post:

Yes PP, please send the post to the email address below. In fact all mammals wishing to do guest posts (that are in a spirit of truth and satire are welcome)

I'll publish and fully credit those that make me laugh.

In the meantime, can I request that the replies to the stalker posting comments here remain civil. I removed a few this afternoon. LFJ has been convicted on multiple charges of harassment and stalking and nothing else so as tempting as it is to start speculating about her involvement in other illeagal/immoral activities, I am afraid you are going to save it for somewhere else.

We don't want to be dragged down to her level. That would be a bit, quite frankly, mad AND bad.

I hope no-one takes offence, you are a really funny lot who comment here and I hope you will keep patronising the posts.

Seriousness over, let the satire begin again in ernest. (Ernest: "Owwwww!")