Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Still more daft-isms

You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

Everything that the Wicket witch of the North says is a reference to me, relates to me, is a dig at me or all three combined. Even though she does not mention my name nor acknowledge my pathetic existence at all in her blog.

Why won’t she write about me directly?? I am going to pull apart a statement of hers. Perhaps it will get me the reaction I so desperately want. That is all I want. I want to know she is paying attention. I want to know she is talking about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I am going to say that right terrors should be detained for 42 days. Not that anyone gives a delicately smelling bottom dropping what I think.

I am incapable of applying the lessons of mistakes made in the past to the justice system nowadays. Hell, I cannot even stop stalking after serving time for that very thing. I just wanted to talk you know. Usually at three in the morning from a phone box near my house but I just wanted to reach out to another person. That is what stalking is, it is just a need to communicate which should be repeated as often as possible. Sooner or later the stalked person will accept your intellerigearnt words of wisdom and agree to bow down before your feminine form and throw rosewater before your footfall. Then everyone is happy.

I DO have a type of personal agenda in what I'm saying. I want her to be talking about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE not silly faddish civil rights, a subject I am only too happy to demonstrate my staggering ignorance on.

Did you know the Special branch, special trees and special gardeners are all out to get me? It is because they are in a giant conspiracy with police squad, the wicked witch of the North, her cohort, the webbed man, ex-lawyers, doctors, the met, the mejia, men from Oxo-land, women from Loon Loon land, bloggers, poets, the RCJ, the whole of Cambridge, Cambridge snail journalists, gap-year students, all the staff of DKNY, a burren of foxes, Sharon Stone, Clint Eastwood, The Eagles, Manchester United football club, the cast of the Blair Witch Project and the whole other ensemble of thousands on the Internet who are all out to get me are all harassing me in a giant conspiracy against me. Despite what the (upheld) conviction and ASBO say they are all making it up and I am the only one telling the truth.

I worked at the Special Branch once. I never received a pay packet from them, mind you, but I worked there as a fab ace brilliant inspired researcher. They let me through their front doors (there is a mistake they will never repeat!) so that counts as being employed by them. I also get to pronounce to everyone the official Special Branch line on everything. If people I pronounce to do not believe me or let me lead their special gang, then I reserve the right to stalk and harass the bejabbers out of them. I think the Special Branch would approve. I know how they think, you know.

I am also spitting with jealousy that the special branch revealed a secret to the Wicked Witch of the North and she blogged about it recently. They are my special friends NOT YOURS. I am the only one who knows their secrets NOT YOU.

On the bright side, I now know Guantanamo is a bay and not an Island as I pronounced upon before. There was a desert storm which re-attached it to the mainland. That was what happened. I have spoken; let that be the definitive word on the matter. End of.

My support of indefinite incarceration is going to be the catalyst to bring a lot of people together. Just like everything else I do brings a lot of people together. Every time I am accused of harassment (convicted and upheld) stalking, lying, maligning innocent people, slander, intimidation and being an email and a phone pest it tends to make people turn firmly from me and to each other. People are so picky.

The 7/7 research and investigation involved nothing I know anything about. I am furious about this. Completely raging. I have been pushed to the outside because I am a harasser (convicted and upheld) a stalker, a liar, a maligner of innocent people, a slanderer, an intimidator and an email and a phone pest and it is all the fault of the people who accused me of this sort of behaviour. There was also the small matter of theft from the National Archives that I don’t tend to talk about too much. * Girlish giggle *

I am so glad to point out that there is a human rights solicitor being given negative press. My humans rights are the only ones which count ... all others are faddy time wasting nonsense.

I have done so much to ignore other people’s human rights (like to be left the HELL alone when asked) there simply cannot be any time for solicitors to defend anyone except me. If solicitors went about defending all those whose rights I violated, then there would never be anyone free to defend Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I also give myself bonus points for slagging someone off who nominated the Wicket Witch of the North for the “most Wizard woman” prize AND (this is the best one) take a dig at someone who is friends with the founders of R&R, the latest in the long catalogue of my betrayers.

MY Human Rights ( not faddy) and personal and political agendas ( faddy) don't mix. I simply do not get people who stand up for a group of people or a cause. They is way outside my small narrow selfish little sphere of existence. Bob Geldof? What a faddy time wasting piece of nonsense he is. Imagine wanting to feed the world. My achievement of stalking the world is a much worthier accomplishment.

I have spoken; let that be the end of the matter. End of.

Remember, all you need is love!

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