Monday, 30 June 2008

Considered Pish

You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

Emily Bronté, who I knows all about because I is bessie mates with her was not a romanticist(what, despite writing Wuthering Heights? - Ed. no 1) she was a looker. (Likkkkeeee MEEEEEEEEEE) In my world people frequent the Moors on a formal social level. Ohhh look an elephant with a tiger's mane. What do you mean ”what Moors"? Keep up!

Wuthering Heights is a study of Engulish psychopathy, I know this as I entered Psychiatry with a degree in Clinical Psychology from a Polytecnic.(sp) oh Yes. I may not be able to spell it and I may not know how to study it but I sure recognise it when it is in front of me.

Here is where I prove my reseeeercher (qualified des. res.) and wrrritting skills; There is a character with the first name Hindley in Wuthering Heights which puts paid to the theories of anyone unnamed who thinks that Emily (my bessie mate) wants anyone to become as Heathcliff. Naturally this means that no-one who wants the 'right to die' can be allowed to do as they are represented by faddy Human Rights lawyers.

As we all know MY humans rights are the only ones which count ... all others are faddy time wasting nonsense.

I have done so much to ignore other people’s human rights (like to be left the HELL alone when asked) there simply cannot be any time for solicitors to defend anyone except me.

Heavans above, if solicitors went about defending all those whose rights I violated, then there would never be anyone free to defend Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Unfortunately I lose bonus points here as I cannot find a reason in this theme for slagging someone off who nominated the Wicket Witch of the North for the “most Wizard woman” prize AND take a dig at someone who is friends with the founders of R&R, the latest in the long catalogue of my betrayers.

Never fear, readers, I'll keep trying!

Now, don't lose me here. I am going to compare the fictional jealous sadist in Wuthering heights with the first name of Hindley who tormented and beat the young Heathcliff with the name of a modern-day incarcerated child-murderer who has the second name of Hindley.

There is a lawyer in Wuthering heights called Lockwood who is the lynchpin of the story being told. So naturally, he is a faddist. All lawyers are you know, from fictional 18th century ones to modern day ones who cannot get convicted stalkers convictions overturned.


I have based my most excellent conclusions on the forty filmed and televised versions of WH available on youtube (have I mentioned that I have only recently discovered that wonderful site?) the amount of reseeeeeeeearch material there is startling!

Have I mentioned that not one of the producers of the 40 excerpts seems to have got the full essence of the WH story into the few minutes of clip I was able to view for each one (I wonder if that is because a Producer raises the money to get a film made and the Director and Writer decide on the content? - Ed.) It is so wonderful to have all that time on one's hands to devote to serious reeeeeesearch.


I can't find a way to link Stickert to Wuthering Heights so I will make one up based on some faded pictures in a dusty box. Shhhhhhhh.

Remember, all you need is love!