Tuesday, 24 June 2008


You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

Did you know the most accurate account of the crucifixion is to be found on youtube? No, well it is really. Although the Jeebus is all wrong, I know this as we are bessie mates.

Like him, I went through a gigantic mistrial of massive magnitude. Like him, I am a personality known throughout the blogger-planet-sphere-land. Like him, I am someone against whom there was a prolonged campaign of frenzy,hysteria and abuse. Like him, I revelled in a wonderful exposé of panic, cowardice, self justification, labelling and blame passing all round.(Eh??? - Ed. 23465) Like him, corruption was being pushed through. Like him, I experienced an excess of force and brutality, a focus on swift judgement and blame. Nothing about the business was calm and well considered, from the start to when I was picked up from the internet cafe where I was hiding having gone on the run. Naturally, this was just my grossly misunderstood my way of handing myself in.

In fact my experience was an even bigger mistrial than his measly little hiccup over 2000 years ago.

Direct quote: The devil is specifically a politician, he was never a jew.

There was sheer terrorism and violence involved in the entire process. I am hoping to prove it wasn’t me Guv by peppering my blog with half-researched blatherings about religion.

For instance I am sure that Ciaphas the Imperial Commissar of the Imperial Guard in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe was a "pragmatic" defender of Jeebus. I have no idea that the correct spelling is Caiaphas and this man never tried to show the enemies of Jeebus that the son of Gawd(who lives in the fictional Heavyvan 50,000 and a 1/2 universe) had the authority he claimed. I also have no notion of the fact that this man, who I think praised Jeebus, was actually the one who paid a part in his death by arresting him, putting him to trial, finding him guilty of blasphemy and turning him over to the Roman Empire.

Don’t worry if you find my account of the last days Jeebus on Earth and all that went before that insifficent(sp) by comparison to what really happened. It is based on my ignorance, lack of reading, gross presumptions, bad spelling and a film trailer.

Like me, there is evidence of their enormous campaign against him throughout his entire time. There is evidence for this even though I have never seen a film about it.

I have spoken; let that be the end of the matter. End of.

I am the word of the Loude. The Special. Immortal. Queen of Blogs and undefeated in ignorance. Banshee. Dunce of Dunces. The harpy of the divine blogging-community. Let all who read me worship me or bog off somewhere else!

Remember, all you need is love!

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