Monday, 9 June 2008

Frequency of screeching (is not) abated...

You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

I believe so much in Freedom of Speech that I frequently don’t bother my arse turning up in court to defend my “right”. I believe so much in my right to free speech that I cram everything I have to say down everyone’s necks. Sometimes it even takes 100s of phone calls and emails for me to come to my point but I persevere even when I am asked not to.

I should be able to say anything about anyone that I want. Anyone who says anything about me is of course guilty of libel and slander.

“ sold down the river” “Hickman and Rose” GUESS WHO I HAVE FALLEN OUT WITH????? Answers in an email please (but not ones like the abusive ones I used to send)

“Trial Counsel's foolish, groundless and spiteful gestures” “wayward Judge” “ shambles” Media politics of a few within the legal system” “Media agendas” ”vendetta” Have I mentioned lately that EVERYONE is out to get me?

Personally I think people should not make idiotic and inciting dangerous remarks in front of large crowds. Despite this, I still go on blogging but then my audience is restricted to the few, the silly and a hit-whore. I don’t think anyone I fall out with should be popular, well-liked AND published. I don’t think that their friends should stick up for them if I am harassing them.

I should be allowed to say what I want when I want. End of. I have spoken; let that be the end of it.

They are trying to shut me up because there is a conspiracy against me. There is a big grown-up John Le Carre type thriller being played out in the background with me as the shining lynch-pin trapped like a drunken butterfly in the epicentre of the national and international storm being followed with baited breath by ALL SORTS OF IMPOTANT PEOPLE. They (my false accusers) want to stop me from perusing such innocent past-times as stalking, lying, maligning, slandering, intimidating, harassing, and pestering. The huge top-secret James Bond agenda reason they want to do this is for their own personal convenience. Imagine that!

“Law” “argue the hind legs off a donkey” “rarely looks in the mirror and examines itself in the face” Ed. No. 2 – wouldn’t it be examining itself in the mirror in this scenario?) GUESS WHO I HAVE FALLEN OUT WITH????? Answers in an email please (but not ones like the abusive ones I used to send)

“ the Guardian” “libel and slander campaign” “ police abuses” “ the Times Newspaper” ” Daily Telegraph”

In an internet first, I have admitted that my blog was deleted rather than merely suspended as has been my stance all along. It is currently in my solicitor’s office, the weight of it is sufficient to hold the 2nd floor fire door open so they keep it in the cellar should that need ever arise. That’s 1 down, so only another 998 lies to come clean on .....

Remember, all you need is love!