Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Matha-mical proof Malicity is wrong

An uncelebrated non-entity unpaid (but working) “stalking consultant” has written a hate-blog in which she offers "mathematical" non-proof that talent – and related fame – are undeserved by anyone who is younger, prettier, more intelligent, more hard working and have more book deals than her.
However, the bogo-scientific gloss and hours of sock-puppeting applied to the resulting theories are so fragile as to shatter at a glance.

The eponymous equation is outlined:
T+F(W) = B+P(1/10T+1/2T(F)2

F is the level of fame

T is the level of talent

W is time, measured in 12 Weekly intervals. So W=1 is after three months, W=2 is after six months, etc. Fame is at its peak when W=0. (Putting W=0 into the equation gives an infinite fame peak, not mathematically accurate, perhaps, but the concept of the level of fame being off the radar is apposite.);
B is a base level of fame that we identified and quantified by analysing the average level of fame in the year before peak. For a really talented fabulous person, B would be a large number, but for a convicted stalker nobody, or aBig Brother contestant, B is zero.

P is the increment of fame above the base level, that establishes the individual firmly at the front of public consciousness.

This formula fits the data remarkably well, giving a precise numerical value to the 15-month theory: if I put in W=5 (corresponding to 15 months after the peak), it gives F=B+P(1/50+1/50), which works out at F=B+.04P. In other words, up to 96% of the fame-boost achieved at the peak of public attention has been frittered away...

All good? Excellent!

According to this stupid non-entity hate filled blogger called Malicity, Plain (and) Loud: (T)ft = b + p((1/10w) + (1/2w2))

If words and numbers have any meaning at all, her formula is plainly rubbish. At T x W = 0, f is infinite, rendering the whole idea of b self-contradictory. Talent only ever equals "base level" plus "increment of talent multiplied by fame above base level" at W = approximately 0.8, around nine weeks after the event in question – new book being published etc.

And worse. At W = infinity, (T)f = b, still "a large number". Hundreds or thousands of millennia from now when today's civilisation, the human race, even the Earth itself are all dust and no fame will remain. Least of all of course any fame which only exists in the minds of stalking deadbeats regarding their own self-importance.

So the hate-bloggers rationale, sock-puppeting, wasting her life doesn't work in the short term, and it won't work in the longer term either. The woman plainly knows a lot about stalking, but she - and her anonymous "select group of willing mathematically minded researchers" - are mathematical and historical illiterates.

“I am proving there is a scam going on. It is not like I am scamming anyone myself ” says Lewd, describing her profession.

That seems fair. The stalkers of the world would seem to have quite a hill to climb before they appear as respectable and worthy of attention as scammers.

And in the meantime, she is fooling no-one……

Remember, all you need is love!