Friday, 4 July 2008

Busy in the internet cafe

You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

Very busy in the sunshine walking about thinking about how busy I am. Busy Busy Busy. Important. Important. Important. I wasn't able to do this last year as I was staying with the Queen of England for a few months. (Ed. - don't you mean you were incarcerated at HM's pleasure?)

Here's a beauty
I've learned to embed videos from youtube lately - can you tell? They save on so much bother like typing and all that thing. It also hides the fact that unless I am moaning on about my ex-solicitors, police squad, the wicked witch of the North, her cohort, the webbed man, ex-lawyers, doctors, the met, special branch, special trees, special gardeners, the media, men from Oxo-land, women from Loon Loon land, bloggers, poets, the RCJ, the whole of Cambridge, Cambridge snail journalists, gap-year students, all the staff of DKNY, a burren of foxes, Sharon Stone, Clint Eastwood, The Eagles, Manchester United football club and the whole other cast of thousands on the Internet who are all out to get me are all harassing me in a giant conspiracy against me, I really do have very little to say that is substantiated or informed.

Now more blathering on about song lyrics. "I'll Tell Me Ma" is a well known children's song about Jack the Ripper who was a Belfast boy called. Johnny Murray. Hence the lyric "Old Johnny Murray says she'll die". He knew that he was really the love child of the King of England and a prostitute cockle seller and he intended to kill women, lots of them, one day.

I’ll mention Ripperologists here, a body of people who have not written of me or thought about me in ages. I like doing this. HOW,VERY,DARE,THEY. With a bit of luck, it will provoke some attention for my blog.
Remember, all you need is love!