Thursday, 24 July 2008

Felicity Jane Lowde is a stalker and a hate-blogger

She has opened a new hate-blog using the alias 'neverinthatcarriage' to make gross, sick, evil, perverted and sadistic allegations about a woman known as LW. On this blog she tells the following blatant lies about this unfortunate woman*:

LW was involved in the sexual abuse of a minor.
LW was involved in the killing of her mother.
LW was involved in exploiting a situation where people were murdered in order to make money.
LW took out insurance prior to a terrorist event (therefore inferring she knew it was going to happen
LW lied about being savagely raped.
LW ignored the dying and injured after a terrorist bomb went off.
LW lies about her experience on that bombed carriage on 7/7 in London in order to make money.
LW lies about her experience on that bombed carriage on 7/7 in London in order to make herself a celebrity.
LW was involved in a money-making scam with her father.
LW is an insult to the serving forces and war victims.
LW is involved in victimising other survivors of that day.
LW interferes with the work of the security services.

(and finally and most laughable)
LW is assick andaswarpedas Felicity Jane Lowdeis.

*We here would like to know where she finds the time to do all this and still breathe.

However, on the other hand, the unemployed Felicity Jane Lowde who is going by the new alias 'neverinthatcarriage' has got the time to write hateblogs and that (unlike her lies) is provable.

We set her up by sending her a clickable link via her new hateblog. This link was not sent anywhere else or to anyone else on the internet. She clicked on it. This proved irrefutably:
1) She can log into the hate blog so is definitely one, if not all of, the authors of that hate-blog.
2) She is using the IP address she has traditionally used to stalk people from to write the hate blog

If you have found your way here, then you have found your way to the hate blog. Nice new web-mate you have found yourself there. If you want to read a bit more about your new friends accomplishments, please feel free to peruse the links on the left. They tell most of the whole sad story.

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