Wednesday, 7 May 2008

This old twaddle

You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

There will be a lot of questions about, this post. I know this as I will write them all. The only non-sockpuppet questions that appear, I shall miss the point of or ignore completely instead.

I am well-qualified to review this high-flouting book on “Jeebus gets into a scrape” as I have seen the cover and it look good. Innit.

Did I mention this book looks sensible? Unfortunately WhSmith don’t let you try before you buy so I have to write this analysis going on what I read on the back cover.

Here are all the areas of the book I can relate to, based on the colour of the cover alone.

Next will follow a load of twaddle, feel free to skip over it as it is only my own inane ramblings borne out of the anger and resentment I feel towards Churches and ministries who have not agreed with every word out of MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Have I mentioned that every Church I find is super for a while but then once they get to know me and I ask them to back me in all I say and do......., well, let’s just say there is a parting of the ways.

Now more toe-curling ramblings about Jeebus and how having money is a bad thing. You need money to run a home and pay bills you know but I have freed myself from all earthly responsibilities such as those. Working for a living? I shudder at such commonness!

It is a pity I cannot bag my words you know, there is great money in compost.

Once there was someone who prayed to God, I would leave them the fuck alone and stop harassing them. Their prayers came to pass and mine did not.

Before you want something, consult with God. I have recently and guess what is coming to me? I bet it comes this very Month as well. I shall be getting all I deserve.

I am pure big on Jeebus and Churches, religion is like a supermarket to me, follow a bit there, leave that bit on the shelf there. Ignore the “love thy neighbour” bit.
However, being a convicted stalker, a liar, a maligner of innocent people, a slanderer, an intimidator, a harasser, an email and phone pest tends to put churches off. Churches are so picky!

Everyone is entitled to learn from his or her mistakes just as I am entitled to never admit to mine.

Newspeak: attenders, fulfil, Gospe'l

PS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END IN 100 YEARS! I went into Psychiatry with a degree in Clinical Psychology from a Polytecnic so I know all about these things!

Remember, all you need is love!