Sunday, 27 April 2008

Now the cast of the Blairwitchproject are out to get me!

You've read what she said now here is what she really means: (Free translation service provided by All_you_need_is_love)

The Blairwithchproject blog, who have the audacity to get more reads than me, really pee me off! They are all aggressive Harry Enfield fans by their own admission. Now, worst sin of all, they DARE have an opinion on something which I am frighteningly ignorant about. The Wicked witch of the North also agrees with them on this subject so that just proves they are wrong.


What business is it of The Blairwithchproject blog if some nice man wants to go about denying the mass murder of millions of people?

Gah, I'll even bet The Blairwithchproject blog are the sort of social conscience busybodies who demand that stalkers, libellers, those who intimidate people, those who harass people, those who have been bombarding people with phone calls and emails are actually jailed for their behavior.

No-one should speak up to say the holocaust really happened except those who were there.

I have spoken, let that be the end of the matter.

You little people are so lucky to have me to tell you the right path to take in making decisions on issues such as rape, good parenting and the holocaust.

We celebrity Mums must stick together you know. ** Girlish wink ** I know ALL the good celeb Mums read here, like the Sims2 mother who laughs at her neglected children, Betty Davis, Kerry Katona, Frances Shand Kydd, Debbie Renyolds, Rose West, Enid Blyton, Britney Spears and Joan Crawford. They have to in order to know how to handle their erring offspring within the guidance of the high unorthodox church of LFJ.

I am the high-priestess of the cult of Perfect Mummyhood.

If Miss Oddbin's Mother should read here, my advice to you is to deny the holocaust, never educate your children about the evil that men and women can do. Never teach them that those who know the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

Let them think they can march like Hitler into the colds of the Russian Winter and succeed in their determination to impose their own will on all before them without recompense. There was a man who didn't pay attention in his history class. Perhaps if he had and perhaps if the allies had stood up to him when he ignored the Treaty of Locarno and marched into the Rhine towns of the post WW1 neutral zone, there would have been no second world war.

But I diverse, all this drawing parallels between enforcing ignorance on children and accepting inhumanity without comment have made me thirsty for some gorgalicious cider

Next thing I know you will all be drawing parallels between Hitler and me but I am much more a Ivana Braun fame fat-tale type character, donchyaknow? (burrrppppp)

Ivana Braun

New speak: self awareness, socalled

Remember, all you need is love!